Systemic Enzymes – Is Enteric Coating Required?

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Systemic enzymes have been recommended by doctors for more than 50 years as natural medicines for pain and inflammation.  In more recent years, they have become a common remedy for fibrosis conditions, including excessive scar tissue from injuries and uterine fibroids.  

As technologies have advanced over the past years, more powerful enzymes have been added to systemic enzyme formulas to increase the inflammation and fibrosis benefits.  In addition, enzyme manufacturers have begun using pharmaceutical technologies to ensure maximum systemic enzyme absorption.  This practice has created much debate among enzyme manufacturers as to the necessity of these enteric coatings.  Are they necessary?

In our opinion…it all depends on the blend.  If a systemic enzyme formula is significantly dependent upon animal derived enzymes (pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin), we believe the enzyme must be protected from the stomach acids.  However in the case of vegetarian focused enzyme blends, such as those containing serrapeptase, we believe the necessity of enzyme protection is dependent upon dosing instructions and enzyme activity levels.

It is very expensive to enteric coat capsules and even more expensive to coat powders.  Some manufacturers have chosen instead to invest the dollars in higher enzyme activities rather than coatings.  When unprotected enzymes pass through the low pH of the stomach, a certain percentage is destroyed by the acids.  The higher the beginning enzyme activity, the more systemic enzymes will make it through to the intestine and blood stream.  

Another major factor in enzyme absorption is dosage instructions.  Most blends are recommended to be taken on an empty stomach.  In the case of unprotected systemic enzyme blends, it is imperative that the stomach be empty.  This will allow a higher percentage of the unprotected systemic enzymes to bypass the stomach for absorption.

Again, we believe it all depends on the blend.  Of two of the best systemic enzyme blends in the marketplace, one is unprotected and the other has an advanced enteric coating.  Users of both blends rave about the results.  There are many great systemic enzymes available today.  We recommend changing them up every so often. For more information on systemic enzymes, please visit

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Systemic Enzymes – Is Enteric Coating Required?

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Systemic Enzymes – Is Enteric Coating Required?

This article was published on 2011/07/15